The Launch Referral Promotion


Who can order a free card?

Any current or new Cardify users who haven’t previously ordered a physical card are eligible to order their first card free of charge.

How many free cards can I order?

Because of the wide range of possibilities with only one… you can only order your first physical card free of charge.

That said, you can always share this amazing experience with your friends, family or colleagues and have them order a free card as well (if they haven’t done so already).

I already have a virtual card. Can I get a free physical one?

That’s the spirit! We’d love you to have a physical card because of the ease it will bring you. This promotion lets you order your first physical card for free even if you have a virtual card!

I already have a physical card. Can I get another one?

No, not really. The promotion only applies to users who are ordering their first physical card.

I’ve just ordered my card before this promotion went live. Can I get a refund?

That’s strange. We haven’t previously sold any cards.

I already have a physical card. Can my friends get a free card?

Sure thing! That’s what this promotion is all about. All your mates can order their first physical card for free. So, open the app, slide open the menu, tap ‘Invite’ and share your referral link with the world.

When does this promotion end?

The Launch Referral Promotion start at 00:01 GMT on the 1st of March 2019 and will finish at the 1st of June 2019, while stocks last.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Our team took some time to put together the full Terms and Conditions for this promotion, which you can read here.

Now, how do I actually order my card?

Gosh, thought you’d never ask! Open the Cardify app, open the menu and tap the Cards section. Here click the ‘+’ icon in the right corner and order your card by following the steps on the screen.