Testing season has begun


Hi all! The post below is just a kind of overview of how we see the beta going forward.

As we have mentioned a few times, the beginning of the beta will be narrowly focused on catching bugs and getting a mix of technical and design feedback that we can incorporate into the beta in the future. In this spirit we invite people to the beta in (semi-)random small groups (70-100 users) at that time. In each test we focus on specific components. It really helps (us and you) if you fill in the [survey] (https://cardify.typeform.com/to/d6QiOc) so we can better select based on e.g. iOS vs Android and some other variables. :))))

Every week we conclude a cycle and see what works, what doesn’t, and hear thoughts from our testers before moving on to the next set of sections and testers.

If you’re chosen, expect an email invitation (with more specific details and instructions). Please, white list our email address(hello@getcardify.com) so that the email is not considered spam or a newsletter. As things progress, we will gradually allow more people to join. Until then, those who completed the survey will have our preference. Eventually we will get to a public beta to which more people will be invited.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and willingness to stick it out with us. We are more than excited to work with you all to build the best business card experience we’ve all been dreaming of.