App update v0.2.7


Bug fixes and improvements in this version include:

  • Keep track of app version with device registration
  • Ask to view details after saving as contact (with auto-close)
  • Fixed card name not being visually updated
  • Fixed back button after saving card info
  • Fixed keyboard closing on virtual card creation
  • Removed NFC button for non-enabled NFC-phones
  • Fixed duplicate contacts after re-sharing in some cases
  • Fixed wrong re-shared information in some cases
  • Added notification settings
  • Tweaked card details screen
  • Added soft back-button handler for closing the application
  • Added order-confirm with location on map and address validation
  • Tweaked welcome-error
  • Added social-profile value cleaner
  • Added reminders and info dialogs
  • Added scan origins
  • Fixed notification tap-handler
  • Global theme styling
  • Hide order-card section if already activated card
  • Fixed NFC-intent not always loading the incoming data