App update v0.2.5


This major update solves problems with the activation of physical cards on all devices and includes minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

Bug fixes and improvements in this version include:

  • Added contact-refresher
  • Added extra save-button to virtual card edit
  • Added default type-value
  • Added YouTube & Instagram to available socials
  • Added NFC read for activation of a card
  • Added NFC read to scan-page
  • Added company name to card-order
  • Fixed issue when saving to contacts when no notes present
  • Fixed scan on activation screen for some devices
  • Fixed ‘stuck activation’-screen for some devices
  • Fixed ‘add to contacts’ after added to contacts
  • Fixed visual duplicate contact after adding
  • Fixed visual duplicate card after activation
  • Fixed deactivation of card
  • Removed caching from contact-detail
  • Removed auto-complete input suggestions due to “jumping” when focused
  • Removed required fields for address
  • Reworked card activation-page
  • Reworked contacts page