App update 0.2.3 & 0.2.4


Bug fixes and improvements in the latest version:

  • Added activate card trigger/intent to scan
  • Added cards to dashboard / ‘What’s happening
  • Added ‘error-fields’ to error message on save details
  • Removed ‘assign’ button from edit info screen
  • Fixed ‘assigned to’ name not updating after virtual card name changed
  • Fixed ‘assigned to’ message if card is set to non-scannable
  • Minor tweaks and adjustments.



  • Decreased application package size by an average of 200Mb (iOS) and 20Mb (Android) (due to build-process bug).
  • Fixed app-links (deeplinks) not being triggered (issue only occurred in fresh installs of the latest version due to iOS build-process bug in latest version).
  • Fixed the assignment of a virtual card to a physical card not being triggered on the card activation screen.
  • Fixed newly activated card not being listed in the app unless the app has been reloaded.
  • Fixed scan-of-card not triggering next step when activating card.
  • Fixed auto-trigger when a notification was received.
  • Fixed info below QR-Code (on scan-page) not being visibly updated after change of information.
  • Fixed old forum url
  • Fixed card deactivation
  • Added reference image for where to find your activation code.
  • Added first/last name and state/region to the ‘Order Card’-screen.
  • Added notification to notify about the card order state.
  • Added custom notifications handler.
  • Optimized boot time and general app actions.